Unemployment Rate In UAE; An Analysis



Through our eminent platform of Resume Writing Services, it has uncovered that UAE is the country with only fewer number of unemployed people, standing at only 2.4% at the end of 2001 as a result of speedy growth of the non-oil economy and the government action to find jobs for the citizens, according to official estimates.

The total estimation of the country’s workforce was 2.079 million last year, out of which 2.029 million people were employed and it was reported annually in 2002 by the Ministry of Planning.

This means around 50,000 people were unemployed, accounting for 2.4% of the total labor number and just 1.4% of the 3.48 million populations.

The earlier estimation of the workforce around 1.85 million at the end of 2001 was revised by the ministry.

Expertise stated that the revision prompted some drastic changes in the labor market that means thousands of expatriates left the country because of the new labor policies whilst the natives are replacing them by taking employment after reaching their age limit to apply for jobs.

A UAE banker said that the unemployment rate in the UAE is much lower as compared to other well-developed countries in the world.

Expertise also noted the fact that many of the illegal expatriate’s residents are not included in the official estimates or are not affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs by any means and are violating the rules of labor policies by doing some other part-time jobs as well.

On the orders of President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to filter the country from immigration violations and restoration of discipline in the job market, 200,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Asians left UAE five years ago.


The UAE is coping with its population as well as it is maintaining it’s high per capita income. Because of being a gulf country, a huge portion of revenue is generated by exporting oil. The Ministry of Planning said that UAE never faced severe unemployment issues, with the rate standing at only 1.9% in 1975. AS per the new labor policies formed by the government, the UAE is more likely to focus on its national citizens as compared to unnecessary and unqualified foreigners.

Moreover, the UAE’s future is to accommodate citizens through private sectors for new jobs because the public sectors are only serving a limited amount of people which results in not growing enough to accommodate a large number of new jobs.

Our Resume Writing Services have sorted out the finest data in tabular form to let you comprehend the information about the unemployment rate in UAE up till now:

Latest Data on Unemployment Rate:


Rate of Unemployment

30 Dec 1985

1.15% (Minimum Rate)

31 Dec 1992


31 Dec 1994


31 Dec 1996


31 Dec 1998


30 Dec 2000


30 Dec 2002


31 Dec 2004


30 Dec 2006


30 Dec 2008


31 Dec 2010


31 Dec 2012

4.08% (Maximum rate)

31 Dec 2014


11 Aug  2017


11 Feb 2020



Causes behind Unemployment in UAE:

 Although unemployment in the UAE is low as compared to other countries in the world still there are some causes behind it. Our Professional Resume Writers have jotted them down for you:

Gender-Based clashes in occupations

This is the major factor that women and men show unwillingness in certain occupations. They hesitate to pursue opportunities by dragging gender roles. This has become a weird belief that job types are limited to women and men while neglecting the cerebral opportunities they can gain out of it. This has been a chronic problem in UAE that has lead towards unemployment among citizens.

The most common practice is that women in the UAE have been bounded by cultural beliefs and sacredness that limit them from working in non-segregated offices or sectors.


Instead of fighting for their rights and making their place to work confidently among men, they have started believing that it is immodest to work with men, and such places are not supposed to work for women. Hence women have been shying away from pursuing opportunities that they can surely occupy.

The other practices include the discriminatory behavior of women towards occupations. For Example, the mindset of women living in a patriarchal society is that engineering is a field reserved for men so they should stay out of it. Consequently, the circumstances led to unemployment.

So for the right placement of deserving and capable people in certain occupations, women need to be acknowledged that it is perfectly fine to work in non-segregated offices. Because in today’s world the only thing that is kept under consideration is the qualitative productivity that an individual yields. The women working in non-segregated offices play an important role in educating such women who idealize such pathetic beliefs.


So omitting these cultural beliefs that cut you from attaining the positions you deserve should be normalized to reduce unemployment.

On the other hand, if we talk about men so they are not willing to do certain jobs due to their ego issues which is not letting them consider an average or low–ranked job. Because they have this weird belief in their heads that doing any ordinary job will let their self-esteem down in society. It is the practicality of life that after completing your education, your career initiates from small things and gradually one succeeds to get a prestigious job. But men in today’s world want to be served with a piece of cake which is a fantasy except for few cases.

Since, thinking that they are too much educated for average jobs, they have not been taking certain jobs and this fact is increasing unemployment.

The second reason among men for unemployment is the lack of education. Some jobs possess a certain level of education to fit a person in it but men remain beyond its reach due to illiteracy. This hurdle can be taken off by acknowledging men to study further and go to schools to acquire a worthy job. This will cause unemployment to reduce.

Relying on foreign labor:

The second major cause of unemployment in the UAE is the heavy dependence of the country on foreign laborers to come and serve the UAE. Because of the natives of UAE lack specialization in the fields that ask for skilled workers. So the country focuses on approaching talent abroad. This factor introduces unemployment in the nationals of UAE. Plus the organizations in UAE also prefer people that are hired internationally because they can provide quality services to them which will add prosperity in their organizations and they will lead towards a better future.

On the contrary, Organizations also believe that Emiratis do not have much expertise and skills to offer in the well-being of their organizations. This is the reason that citizens of the UAE are left unemployed. The government can take action on it by implementing Emiratization laws and increasing the number of UAE nationals that should occupy a large portion of the country’s organizations and corporations.


Unemployment is rare in UAE nut still it is a serious issue that should be kept under consideration because there are still some people residing who are deprived of the jobs and cannot meet the necessities of life. The government can take action to overcome this issue of unemployment among the minority of the population but in that case, the national citizens are also supposed to stay supportive of the efforts that the government will put in.

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