The article is presented by the essay writing service to enlighten readers about the domestic situations
of the emirates states amid pandemic surge.

Entering into the month of May this year, we have been witnessing many countries easing lockdown
restrictions and lifting regulated curfews in the region. The vigilant initiative was taken after the radical
analysis of the areas and being accepted as the safe zones for lives to continue as normal. However,
safety procedures and guidelines are uncompromisingly being followed everywhere. It is expected midst
the summer season, more countries will join the league in easing down the imposed regulations and
curfew hours depending upon the decline in the registration of positive cases all over.

Recently more than 600 new coronavirus cases have been reported in The United Arab Emirates, making the total registered cases around 35,788 along with 270 deaths in the country. It is to be noted that the number of these cases registered on the specific previous day, have known to be the highest number in the last two months; which is indeed alarming. In addition to the facts stated, the acting United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health and Prevention have passed the statement that infected individuals have been receiving requisite treatment and are showing signs of improvement with each passing day. Furthermore, it has been added in updates that more 400 patients have successfully recovered from the virus, increasing the total number of recoveries to 18,726. Ministry of Health and Prevention are persistently active and giving out statements about the recent developments and statistics through different mediums.

Because of the lockdown and curfew situation in the United Arab Emirates, couple of resolutions have
been passed in regard to employment stability and remote working. Resolution 279 addresses the
employment settings in the different dynamics to be adopted by businesses and companies. While the

Resolution 281 passed this year deals with the imposition of remote working laws and the strategies. In
addition to that, it also radically depicts the regulated policies and guidelines that all employers and
employees are supposed to follow regarding everything. As there is a massive shift towards
homeworking and unprecedent change in a work setting that everybody faced; these resolutions were
passed to provide assistance and framework to act by for all individuals in a system. The people for
whom attending the workplace is mandatory, are obliged to carry protective measures and follow safety
guidelines. Whereas employers and in-charged authorities are responsible to take temperatures of all
the employees through screening devices twice a day. It is observed that essay writer is voicing opinions
of the employees working from and conveying their difficulties.


It was announced on the May 31 st , Sunday, by the Abu Dhabi Media Officer that every movement to and
from the Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Al Dhafrah will be banned starting from June 2 for a complete week; the
decision is acted upon as new coronavirus cases have been registered in large numbers within these
regions. To curb the rampant surge and its consequences, the imposition of the restriction was
considered essential.

Apart from that, lockdown hours in the United Arab Emirates have also been changed after the end of
Holy Month of Ramadan. In Ramadan, the regulated curfew was from 10pm until 6 am in the morning;
which now has been altered by the two hours. Through the official twitter account of the UAE
Government it has been announced that the lockdown hours have been altered by the two hours in the
night; which is now from the 8pm to 6am in the morning. New lockdown hours have been implemented
from May 20 in all the Emirates until the further notice.

For the regulation of the laws and to make citizens abide by the imposed lockdown hours, colossal amount of fines are charged if the violation is observed. Any individual if commits the violation of rules and lockdown hours, would be subjected to the fine of Dhs3,000. In addition to that, if an individual is seen without a face mask in a public or not practicing social distancing will also be immediately fined Dhs3,000. Citizens are only allowed to leave their residencies for medical emergencies and essential grocery shopping.
The educational institutions were announced closed from March 8 in all the states until any further notice. It is to be said that the distance learning will be promoted till the end of the academic year in June, and it can further be extended until the situation gets under control. For the smooth transmission of the online education, the UAE government have been collaborating with teachers and professors to make the educational experience better for the students. According to the essay help site, it should be noted that UAE’s education sector didn’t come across any major difficulty in shifting towards online education paradigm as Ministry of Education have been taking notable initiatives for the transformation to smart education since 2017.


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