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The United Arab Emirates consists of seven states which are: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain and Fujairah. Abu-Dhabi is the capital of the city and the largest state representing 85% of the Emirates, while Ajman is the smallest in size. Situated between Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, it owns a great geographical and sociopolitical importance. Arabic is the official language in the Emirates; however, English has taken over as a language of business and commerce. In addition to that Hindi, Urdu, Filipino, Farsi and more languages are spoken in various regions depending upon living majority. Being the third largest oil and natural gas exporter, UAE occupies the prestigious position in the world.


United Arab Emirates is renowned for its unparalleled growth, rapid urbanization and incredible concrete projects which are now considered as the cultural assets. The statistics showed a figure of around 9 million population for the year 2018 along with giving rough data of Emiratis only making the 25% of the whole population. The United Arab Emirates has been the home for countless immigrants and labors since the decade of 70s, and up till now around two-thirds of the immigrants currently residing are from Pakistan, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

Life of Emiratis in UAE is facilitated with luxury and high-end services by all means. All nationals own high-paying jobs or authorities in the state or private sectors. According to the facts stated on the online essay help, it has been showed that most of the high-ranked employment opportunities in education, health care, law enforcement agencies and civil services are owned by locals or Emiratis. All major businesses owned by them provide job opportunities to expats and immigrants in technical and manual occupations.


In Emiratis household, there are usually large families with six to eight children in general. Live-in servants are present in most of the households. The husband deals with the outside matters of every kind while a wife becomes the manager of household affairs. However, this trend is largely being transformed in an optimistic way as more women are contributing in business and pursuing a job, as there’s no restriction for them to gain employment out of personal choice.  


Being a massive expat destination offering tax-free lifestyle and international pay system, it has been drawing many foreigners to settle in for many decades. With provided government subsidies, the basic amenities such as water, electricity and gas, utilities are cheaper as compared to other countries. Excellent education, safety, high-class shopping centers and countless entertainment options fascinate people to pursue a life here on a permanent basis. If you are targeting to settle in in the largest emirate states, then Life of Abu Dhabi is busy and fast-paced as it is the most modern region of the Emirates. Containing many skyscrapers, commercial centers, shopping plazas, modern highways; it is indeed the true embodiment of the global city type.

The biggest challenge faced by foreigners is to find a accommodation under a reasonable price from a wide-ranging options. But in last couple of years, a drastic decrease in accommodation prices has been occurred across regions specially in Dubai. Statistical data displayed by academic help in UAE shows that a minimum £2,000 is required for the rent of a three-bedroom apartment in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi; same applies for other states with a slight decrease in a price. Eating out at fancy places and visiting entertainment sites on every other day can also cost you more than expected.

Emiratis and existing expats communities are highly welcoming of the new incomers. It’s embedded in the culture to warmly greet the new families as Emiratis significantly value the family system. At your workplace and different local events, you’d get a pristine opportunity to bond with locals and make everlasting friendships and connections. Nobody ever face a troublesome situation finding an educational institution for their kids as international and private schools are widely present throughout the country. You might be naïve to call-to-prayers which occur five times a day, otherwise a cultural shift provides a freedom to live life and practice one’s religion with all rights.   

If you’re planning to settle in any UAE state, pay an extra attention to the following robust rules:

  1. A permit is required to buy an alcohol. No buying of alcohol is allowed in Sharjah and will result in imprisonment.
  2. An individual holding an Israeli passport or having stamps from the country would result losing a chance to visit UAE.
  3. There is no provision of free education for foreigners in the country
  4. Nobody has the authority to seize your passport or keep a hold of it by any regulated law. If you face such a situation, don’t handover your passport at any cost.
  5. Accommodation contracts last a complete year and a year’s rent is supposed to be paid in advance in most of the cases. There’s no chance of you getting any refunds if you leave a place before a year end.

If you’re planning to settle in UAE for pursuing a better lifestyle sooner, we advise you to do your research and acquire confirmation of your accommodation settings, work matters and the rest before arriving. Good luck!

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