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This informational piece is presented by the best essay writing service in UAE to provide the updated stats and recent developments regarding ongoing COVID-19 surge in the region.

COVID-19 has hit more than 200 countries across the continents and the world is fighting a battle against it. When the news from Wuhan was highlighted for the first time, nobody thought it would bring nations and countries to lockdown and physical stagnation in short period of time. Global pandemic corona virus has also impacted the United Arab Emirates but the way higher authorities and acting government dealt with the situation is quite appreciable. Their acting plan of action, stringent measures to curb the rampant outbreak has been recommended widely in other nations as well. Since the first case of coronavirus being reported back in January, the present data shows the greater figures. Till today, the number of confirmed and reported COVID-19 cases have reached to 14730, among which around 3000 have been recovered along with 137 deaths; which is expected to rise in the upcoming weeks.


Due to the early and advanced precautionary measures implemented by the UAE’s higher authorities, the virus spread was limited to the greater extent and didn’t turn out as devasting as it was predicted to be. In addition to that, it was also ensured that rampant COVID-19 spread is meticulously monitored and robust measures are implemented guaranteeing control over the situation. A National Sterilization Drive was conducted from March 26 to March 29 by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in collaboration with Ministry of Interior in all regions of the Emirates. Roads, streets, pathways and grounds were sterilized to kill the persisting virus on the surfaces.  

Every year in United Arab Emirates many festivals are celebrated and grand events are organized for locals and tourists to participate in them. The turnout for every year increases in number of participants and spectators, sponsors and their global coverage through different electronic mediums. Following are some of the pristine events and festivals that are celebrated in UAE with utter zeal.


Residents of UAE are strictly advised to stay home, maintain social distancing and self-quarantine, and they’re only allowed to leave homes for buying essentials such as food, medicines etc. Any violation of regulated rules is resulting in fine or adequate prison time. All government and private sectors have shifted their operations to remote working with all employees working from homes. However, pharmacies, grocery stores are excluded from such regulation in all regions. Restaurants are allowed to keep their delivery and takeaway services functional in the current times.

Most working residents of UAE are first time experiencing the work from home paradigm in their careers and had an enduring time adjusting to it. Building up a working professional atmosphere in the comfort of your home is a whole new challenge they faced after the work shift occurred. On the contrary, many working parents are happy as they are spending days with their children and cherishing leisure times. Similarly, all educations institutions have been closed till further notice and many universities and colleges have shifted towards online education to maintain the educational continuity in the present uncertain times. However, the efforts and work of teaching staff is appreciable, this has given rise to the many additional challenges to be faced by students. Lack of communication, availability of laptops and learning gadgets, broadband connection are some of the factors to obstruct the smooth educational experience. Considering that, number of students are turning towards online academic help in UAE to avail expert assistance, tuition classes and authentic help for their university courses, assignments and projects.


There has been announcement by the governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai regarding the relaxation of rental and banking payments. People who were enduring such a situation had a great relief, and it has been reported by the online essay help that commoners showed huge gratitude after the announcement on different social networking sites and voiced their thankful opinions. On the day of March 22, an additional Dh16 billion has been approved by the UAE cabinet to comprehensively address the Corona impact in all regions. Moreover, amid corona virus outbreak in the region, nearly 400 prisoners were granted a release as they were jailed for minor crimes and offences.

Due to current pandemic surge in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Expo for the year 2020 has been postponed with a notice of next dates in the following year. The decision for the delay has been appreciated by the BIE members; which are the governing committee of the world expos globally.  


In the end of April, supreme committee of Dubai Disaster and Management announced the uplifting of movement restriction in the areas of Naif and Al Ras. Local residents headed out and celebrated the easing of restrictions; everybody cheered for the social workers, on-duty nurses, doctors and the UAE government who are still fighting the battle against pandemic with high hopes and unmatchable courage. Immigrants and commoners were highly thankful to the social workers and servicing pharmacies who catered them with meals and on-time medicines whenever needed.

Director of UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs have stated that United Arab Emirates have developed the treatment for COVID-19 through the usage of stem cells. According to the director, Hend Al Otaiba, it has been declared as the groundbreaking research in the realm of COVID-19 treatment. It is effective in a way that stem cells stimulate the regeneration of lung cells along with protecting immune system from collapsing.  Around 73 registered Coronavirus patients received the novel treatment who eventually proceeded towards complete recovery and got healthier once again. Registered patients varied in the severity of the disease from mild to extreme before the treatment initiation. Observing tremendous positive results, more such tests are supposed to be conducted to depict the efficiency and the demanded results in the forthcoming days.

The UAE Government, health care and social workers are still on-duty fighting a battle against COVID-19 to protect residents, immigrants and labors at all cost. Their spirits are high that they’ll come out stronger from the present times and life would get back to normal in all regions of The United Arab Emirates by the mercy of Allah soon!

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