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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the dynamic federation of the seven states that represent a rich culture, fascinating history, ultimate modernization and architectural wonders. The seven individual states were combined into a single federation on December 2nd, 1971 forming emirates which appeared as the global representation of unique Arab history and culture. The seven states are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Being globally famous for exploration of desert, tallest towers, incredible sightseeing, pleasing accommodation options, The United Arab Emirates is truly the top destination for tourism on the global level.  According to confirmed resource data published on the online essay help, the travel and tourism industry contributed the amount of AED 68.5 billion (USD 18.7 billion) to the total UAE’s GDP. In addition to that, after the execution of detailed analysis, it has been estimated to increase by 5.2 per cent per annum till the year 2027 bringing about AED 116.1 billion (USD 31.6 billion) to the country’s economy.

Home to more than 200 nationalities including immigrants, settlers, labourer; The United Arab of Emirates truly has become the multicultural society. Every year millions of tourists are warmly welcomed by UAE to offer them the rich, life changing and unforgettable travel experience of their lives. 


Dubai’s International Airport

The United Arab of Emirates lies between the Oman and Saudi Arabia, serving the best for people travelling from the West to East or other way round. For four consecutive years, it has been ranked as the busiest airport regarding foreign travelers. Around 88 million passengers have been reported to pass through it the previous year; making that 10 times more than the residents living in UAE. Dubai’s International Airport offers high-end services such as five-star hotel, outdoor swimming pool and more within the airport premises. It has been planned to act upon its detailed expansion to handle millions of more passengers in the upcoming years.

Put All Your Safety Concerns Aside!

According to the facts displayed on academic help in UAE, the country is voted first in terms of travel safety and is followed by Tokyo and Vienna. All regions are safe for foreign travelers, solo explorers and female travelers. Female travelers are facilitated in every way during their stay, moreover certain hotels like Dukes Dubai and Jumeirah Emirates Towers own selected female-only floors comprised of all-female staff.


Desert Safari Is A Must To Experience!

Including the visit to Liwa Desert on your list is highly suggested, as it has got mesmerizing landscape and beautiful sunset worth-seeing. Witnessing the miles of red sand touching the skyline completes your soul searching and fulfils your desert experience. Orange skies and stunning sand scenery would become your dearest lifetime memory. Make sure to book your desert safari in Liwa desert before evening to catch up on the sunset!


Architecture Is Art

Rapid urbanization, industrial development eventually led The United Arab Emirates to become the epitome of modern architecture. And today UAE is filled with architectural landmarks that have become cultural and regional assets. Like Abu-Dhabi’s Capital Gate; leaning at 18 degrees to the west, it is the world’s most leaning tower. Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai consists of sky-high skyscrapers on both sides of the road; while Burj-Al-Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is also present in Dubai.  

Wide-Ranging Hotel And Accommodation Options

Studying the tourists tends of vast variety, country offers diverse hotel and accommodation options to choose from. Chain of international hotels such as St. Regis, Hilton etc. are present in major regions of UAE to cater the chic travelers providing high-end experience. However, one can also go for unique desert experience by opting for Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort which is present in the isolated desert sand. If not hydrophobic, you can also go for underwater suite in Dubai Atlantis, The Palm offering you the views of underwater life and animals.

Initiatives had been taken by the acting government of Emirates to promote the tourism industry across all regions that resulted in welcoming millions of tourists in separate states of UAE along with creating countless employment opportunities in different sectors. Apart from the gigantic investments made in the tourism industry, the government of the United Arab Emirates have been implementing continual improvement practices such as, enhancing customer experience, provision of value-added services, operational effectiveness, hassle-free commute across different states and there’s more on the list.

Travelers in UAE are highly welcomed and facilitated in every manner according to their lifestyle and choices. Surely traveling to UAE is an incredible adventure that provides unforgettable memories to keep.

Planning your next travel? Choose The United Arab Emirates.


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