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Festivals In UAE | Lets Discuss UAE’s Traditions


Travel to a new destination can be a rejuvenating experience. It doesn’t only prove to be your needed getaway, but it gives you the chance to explore the amazing places and make precious lifetime memories. Travel proves to be healthy for your soul nurturing, healthy lifestyle and maintaining freshness of your mind. If you’re planning a visit to The United Arab Emirates shortly, then this travel guide from the best essay writing service in UAE would be a serving read to you.

The United Arab Emirates holds unmatchable global significance and power in the world. Being the oil exporter to all the superior nations of the west, home to multiple skyscrapers and incredible architecture masterpieces, UAE is considered as the powerhouse when it comes to oil production, engineering and advanced architecture.  Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa are the cultural assets and symbols which are truly the concrete wonders in the world. In addition to that, every year thousands of tourists from different countries travel to UAE to experience the mind-blowing destinations, festivals and amazing life up-close. 

Every year in United Arab Emirates many festivals are celebrated and grand events are organized for locals and tourists to participate in them. The turnout for every year increases in number of participants and spectators, sponsors and their global coverage through different electronic mediums. Following are some of the pristine events and festivals that are celebrated in UAE with utter zeal.


UAE Awafi Festival

Awafi Festival is held at Ras al-Khaimah desert to celebrate the rich culture and historical union. The cherishing festival is filled with outdoor sports, theatre showcase, cultural performances and much more. Number of participants take active part in sports and travel through sand dunes in their vehicles. The world-famous competitions of dune car and bike racing are held through December to January.  

Main bazaar, art displays and kid’s activities are also the part of festival throughout the season. According to the poll conducted on online essay help, many tourists had the similar opinion that Awafi Festival must be visited if you’re planning to go UAE in the same season.

Dubai International Film Festival

Indeed, a major attraction for film makers and film lovers from all over the world. Dubai International Film Festival was launched with the cause of promoting local UAE cinema along with showcasing foreign movies, so people can experience the art of film from various perspectives. Up till now 14 times this festival has been organized which lasts few weeks and showcased cinema of many countries. Many renown filmmakers, A-list Hollywood celebrities and important personnel attend Dubai International Film Festival.  Surely, it is the most looked-forward-to event for commoners and tourists.


Dubai Shopping Festival

It would be a no brainer to say that Dubai Shopping Festival is on the list of every tourist who wants to visit UAE one day. And why wouldn’t be? Festival offers reduced prices on every shop, official outlets and all shopping malls in the region. Moreover, festival is filled with all fun activities making the season joyful and enjoyable to the fullest extent. Concerts, fireworks and special arrangements are made to provide the shoppers with the amazing experience. During the festival season, streets become jam-packed with the local and international shoppers but discipline is maintained by the regulated laws all over the place.

According to the data available on academic help in UAE, in 2018 biggest turnout was reported on this occasion across the region.


Abu Dhabi Arts Festival

The month-long festival is organized by the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation every year. Launched in the year 2004, Dubai Shopping Festival has been providing the eminent opportunity for the display of local and international art. It significantly promotes the diverse form of arts such as literature, visual arts and exquisite performances. 100 or more events are held in different venues in Abu Dhabi showcasing culture and arts of different varieties.

Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup is the wealthiest horse race offering a prize money of 12 million dollars. It comprises of eight different horse races with the final horserace taking place at the Meydan Race Course Dubai. Dubai World Cup was originated by the Sheikh Al Maktoum and has undoubtedly become the most awaited event in The United Arab Emirates for commoners and tourists.

The culture in UAE is the combination of Arabic and Persian culture along with inhibited Islamic values. Literature, architecture, music, cuisine, attire and lifestyle are the great representation of culture of UAE. Arabic is the language of communication but English is spoken and understood in all the states on a large level. The society is based upon patriarchy but promotes gender equality in terms of education, employment and all the mandatory rights. The prevailing culture in UAE acknowledges and respects other beliefs and faiths; moreover, people enjoy freedom in practicing their religious values and traditions. Guests are highly welcomed by Emiratis and they’re provided with the comfortable environment for their stay, travel and cuisine.

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