An Emerging choice for International Students.

Education In Uae | An Emerging Choice For International Students


Following article has been inspired from the description available on the best essay writing service in UAE. It reflects upon the importance of higher education for students and what exactly UAE offers in this regard.

Undergraduate and graduate studies hold utter significance in individual’s life, as it directs towards the future career path along with being provident for higher education. No matter from where the individual is coming from, deciding for a particular major or a degree program remains pivotal in one’s life. There’s a long-term planning involved regarding your career, an image that reflects at what position you’ll be working at after few years and what changes it’ll bring to your professional life. Depending upon these reasons students invest dedicated amount of time in researching their dream career and work line.

Corporate world is highly competitive, it is getting hard to secure a reasonable job with each passing year. In addition to that there are countries where unemployment has been increasing at a faster rate due to unsuitable economical condition, lack of industries and because of shutting down of major subsidiaries. Incompetent education system also makes students of such regions skeptical about a promising future in terms of finances and job security. These are the driving factors forcing a large number of students to choose studying in a foreign country.

The United Arab Emirates; a home to rich class of Emiratis, extravagant concrete projects, mind-blowing architecture and Jumeirah Islands.  Every year many students from different countries travel to study in UAE for higher education. They commute in hope to achieve a better academics knowledge and practical skills that would help in professional life in the long run. UAE is comprised of seven independent states which are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah And Umm Al Quwain. Though national language is Arabic, English is widely spoken and understood elimination difficulties in regular communication.


Among number of universities present in UAE, six of them were featured in QS World University Rankings 2018 with United Arab Emirates University ranking ahead of the rest. According to the stats published on academic help in UAE, these are the top ten universities offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in wide-ranging fields of study.  

  1. United Arab Emirates University
  2. American University of Sharjah
  3. University of Sharjah
  4. Zayed University
  5. American University in Dubai
  6. Khalifa University
  7. Abu Dhabi University
  8. Ajman University of Science and Technology
  9. Higher Colleges of Technology
  10. University of Dubai

United Arab Emirates is a rich, multicultural society with interesting diversity of different nations and races. Studying in UAE offers a lifetime experience to the foreign students in terms of excellent educational system, employment opportunities and a journey to explore various regions. One doesn’t only receive a top-notch education but also gets experiences larger than life. Being enrolled in the university offers you the cross-border friendships and expansion of a social network that significantly helps you in searching the job opportunities later. Through studying in UAE, apart from experiencing the native culture, you also get enlightened with the cultural values of your fellow students coming from different foreign countries. You get a chance to see their traditions and life stories up-close.


Semester fee varies from university to university and to gain further knowledge about it, it is advised for students to check official websites or to contact respective admission departments. In terms of living and accommodation expenses, a poll was conducted on online essay help to gather the correct figure for guiding newcomers in UAE. If you’re about to rent an apartment, it’ll cost you around AED 3700 per month with all utilities costing you around AED 500 each month. If a student chooses to live in the university dorm, extra amount of fees is charge for it varying in all universities. Affording a life in major and busy cities costs you higher as compared to living outside of the cities.

It is advised for the students to make their visa process, admission application and required documents complete a couple of weeks before the final deadline to avoid last-moment panics at all costs. You are supposed to invest a dedicated amount of time in crafting your personal letter, proofreading and editing meticulously as it decides your final admission. Admission committee look for the best fit analyzing all received applications in terms of academics, your accomplishments and what you’re going to contribute in the educational system. You must put a serious effort writing in admission letter that why you should be picked up, what traits you possess and what career goals you want to achieve in your life. Only then you’ll be considered eligible and your chances of getting admission would be higher.


Apart from that it is mandatory for the international students arriving in UAE to attain a valid health insurance for their complete stay period in the region. Students are offered health insurance cover after their arrival and undertaking comprehensive medical examinations.

Studying at UAE can e a lifechanging experience leading you towards splendid opportunities and you should definitely go for it!

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